Private Loans

Private Loans in Odessa, TX

A private loan is a loan between a business and an investor or investors. Many times, businesses run into trouble when banks refuse to renegotiate or refinance loans. In this case, private investors are often willing to step in and provide a private, secured loan to help the business keep running and eventually pay back the loan.


At Bennett & Associates Business Brokers, we help businesses find private loans. We have access to a network of investors willing to consider a private, secured loan to help a business keep running and growing. These loans benefit everyone involved, which is why we’re always willing to help.

How Private Loans Help You

Benefits for Banks


Banks benefit from private loans because these loans can remove classified and non-performing loans from their portfolios. This helps the bank to improve its cash flow and reduce its reserves of bad loans. The bank is paid for the loan, and the customer does not go into default.

Benefits for Businesses


A private loan can be just what your business needs to avoid going into default or foreclosure. You may be able to get easier terms when you renegotiate the loan, and sometimes this can help you to reduce your debt service and improve your cash flow. Avoiding a default can help you to save your own or your business’s credit. Finally, a private loan can help you remain in good standing with the bank, preserving your line of credit.

Benefits for Investors


A private loan is an excellent way for a private investor to profit. They generally offer an excellent return on the investment. You can structure the loan for your benefit. Finally, if all else fails, the loan is secured.

Learn more about how we can help your business to obtain a private loan. Fill out our Private Loan Request form to start the process, or contact us if you have questions or concerns about our process.

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